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Books and Lunch


Hello Everyone!! Quite busy these days but figured I had a bit of time to blog a bit of what I’ve done today!!

School automatically comes with books and studying but no one ever said that studying and eating couldn’t be done at the same time! I’ve gotten pretty good at completing these tasks at the same time! Sport of champions 😉 what I have above is Drunken Noodles otherwise known as Pad Kee Mow which is a Thai noodle dish! And of course I did have this at the restaurant I work at which is the best Drunken Noodles I’ve had! Now I was studying for a midterm which is not until Wednesday….wish me luck because I also have two interviews in the morning before my class!! I’m super excited about those even though they are mock interviews! I love that moment where you take the first bite into the soft chewy noodles and that dark sweet, salty, savory sauce!! Amazing in one bite how much flavors pack a punch in your mouth!

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Remember everyone Eat, Drink, Tell!

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Birthday Dinner!!!

Hi everyone!! Hope all of you had a good week and you are enjoying your weekend!! I currently got done with a birthday dinner that I made for my boyfriend and it was so much fun!! A lot of work but incredibly fun!!

I hope all of you don’t mind that the photos are from my phone I was in such a rush to make sure everything was great for him!!


This is a little amuse bouche to start off the dinner!! It’s a slice of toasted garlic baguette, my white wine vinaigrette on top of that, then alp alpha sprouts and my favorite proscuittooooooo!! So simple but packed with flavor and so delicious!!



Dinner table with the plates already there and wine opened!!

Second was a light mixed salad with an orange thyme vinaigrette, golden beets, and awesome cara cara oranges!! Eating the golden beets and oranges together brought out the beets natural sweetness and flavor!


This is the Beef Wellington that I took most of the time working on because of the different steps needed to assemble it but it was so much fun trying something new!! Really classic 😉

Cut and ready to be served with fingerling potatoes that came in red bliss, Yukon gold, and purple potato!! I love the different kinds! Served with baby carrots!!

All in one type because I was preparing everything that I didn’t get to eat it until they got everything!! 🙂

You guys ready for this?! I love champagne especially champagne from France because its extremely good!!

Desssssseeeeeerrrrrrttttt!! I made cara cara orange cheesecake with a glaze on top! This happened to be one of the items I was nervous about because I am a culinary chef not a baker but it turned out pretty good for my first time making it!!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing what I made and hope you guys try some of this yourself!! Remember Eat, Drink, and Tell!!

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2012 Wrapped Up in Pictures

Hey Everyone!!! I haven’t blogged in such a long time I feel I owe it to you to show everything that happened in my year of 2012!! It has been a really crazy intense year and I was really grateful for everyone I met and for everyone that was always by my side! I hope all of you had such a great New Year and are ready to start this year with joy and love!! Plus a whole bunch of FOOD!!

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Blue Fish!! This roll is called the Rainforest Roll: Shrimp Tempura roll topped with Salmon and Spicy Tuna served with Spicy Mayo and Ponzu Sauce…it is AWESOME!!


Dad playing Assassin’s Creed 3 in the family room, My Handsome Nephew helping my mom set up the tree, and the Love of my life gathering the rest of the decorations!


This Place is a Korean bakery that we love to go to!! We love getting sponge cakes and other goodies there =]


Time to make a fresh Korean Crab Dish!


My dorky Sisterrrrrrr and my other Handsome Nephew!!


Aren’t they cute?


My little man!!


Crab wanted to climb up the chopstick to get out!!


Stock up!! They have awesome apple pastries too!! However they do not make enough so go early to get em!

IMG_2235 IMG_2243 IMG_2245

KOREAN SAMGYUPSAL!! Basically Korean lettuce wraps with pork belly and a bunch of Korean Condiments!


Cafe Mocha and Cafe Americano!


Yeah I’m seriously a dork but it was funny at the moment!! Hahah it matched my shirt so I thought I’d be cool and be a ninja for like 5 seconds…kind of did the Wolverine Pose!

IMG_2262 IMG_2254

Burger and Fries!! I love! Haven’t had it since 2012 =p


I still remember that my regular customer brought me!!


Power up for Finals!!

IMG_2269 IMG_2278

My BEAUTIFUL NIECE!! Omg she is so cute and bright! Makes anyone smile with what she does and says the sweetest things!


Pasta Carbonara that I made!!

IMG_2308 IMG_2099 IMG_2298 IMG_2100 IMG_2292

Studying for Finals by watching “Seal Team Six”….”shooting” for those A’s

IMG_2310 IMG_2108

Korean Bibimbap!! I love this!! My favorite comfort food =] Served with Banchan which basically means many little side dishes and miso soup!

IMG_2113 IMG_7190 IMG_7192

Newly Engaged Couple!!! Congratulations to my friend and his new fiance!! So cute!!


Korean Sundubu soup! Soft tofu soup with seafood!!

IMG_2111 IMG_2116

All the girls at the Omni Hotel Dallas to a conference!! It was a really great experience and I look forward to going there again!!

IMG_2117 IMG_2118 IMG_7203 IMG_2126 IMG_2125 IMG_7254 IMG_7267 IMG_2130 IMG_2371 IMG_2367 IMG_2128 IMG_2358 IMG_2135 IMG_2334 IMG_2331 IMG_2142 IMG_2380 IMG_2374 IMG_2343 IMG_2175 IMG_2174 IMG_2376 IMG_2178

Thank you letter to Our Troops for Support!! Don’t forget to remember Our Troops and their sacrifice!

IMG_2387 IMG_2180

Even the young remember to support our troops!

IMG_2416 IMG_2415 IMG_2421

Texas Snow!! White Christmas!!

IMG_2182 IMG_2195

Happy Birthday to my Amazing Mother!!


Christmas Dinner! Roasted Prime Rib with rosemary au jus, asparagus dressed with lemon vinaigrette and garlic whipped mash potatoes!!! Everything by me and it was such a lazy meal to make =p


What I love about winter is Blood Oranges are available!!

IMG_2466 IMG_2199 IMG_2460

Cinnamon Rolls!!

IMG_2453 IMG_2473 IMG_2474 IMG_2491 IMG_2498

Avocado Sandwich!! With my house made vinaigrette!!

IMG_2505 IMG_2517 IMG_2511 IMG_2516 IMG_2509 IMG_2202 IMG_2521

Korean Radishes from my mom’s garden!!

IMG_2201 IMG_2520 IMG_2527 IMG_2536 IMG_2541 IMG_2204 IMG_2547 IMG_2548

Blue Fish: Mega Dragon Roll and it really was MEGA HUGE!!!


10 page paper….I will Crush you!! and I did =]


Dad kneading some dough for fresh made Pretzels!!! Awesome!!

IMG_2222 IMG_2570

Start of 2013 by having morning health shakes!! I really did miss this but I will drink it anyways even though the weather is still cold!!


Happy Birthday to a great friend and awesome funny boss!! I love this family!!


My dad brushing butter on the pretzels!! Made in different shapes =p

IMG_2587 IMG_2231 IMG_2241 IMG_2595

Korean Gochujang which is a Hot Pepper paste that is not as intimidating as it looks! My mom actually made this today and she did an amazing job!! Gochujang is meant to be a condiment or can be used for many different purposes! It is spicy, sweet, tangy and will give your dishes that little zing you need!! Plus it goes really well with crispy pork belly!!

I hope all of you enjoyed looking through all these pictures!! I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in so long and I had to just blow up my blog with all of this!! If you have any questions on which restaurants I’ve gone to ask in comments below!!

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Remember everyone!! Eat! Drink! and Tell!! There is more to come so I’ll keep you posted!!

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Taking a Look Back on My Food Adventures!

Hey Everyone!! I really haven’t been updating this blog and really feel bad about it too! I know a lot of you are looking at the Thai’s Thumbz blogs since a lot of you are coming to the restaurant now! I will be letting you know some information about the restaurant and what is going to come up next!! First off, I want to let you all in on what I have been doing lately and where I have been going to EAT! Really good food that you need to go try out!

Lets see which one first?

Pizza!! Now I am a HUGE fan of pizza as you will soon see because I love the crust! There are so many different types of pizza crust recipes out there but I always love a thin, crispy crust that is crunchy and chewy! Plus I am a fan of bread even though it is not my favorite to make only because it takes forever! This pizza is from Urban Crust which is located in Plano and it serves GREAT pizza. I got this pizza with prosciutto, arugula, their really good tomato sauce, bacon, and mozzarella cheese! You can customize your own pizzas here which is always fun! While you are waiting for your pizza to be made, they give out I believe strips of pizza dough baked strips that come with two sauces. A olive tapenade and their tomato sauce! Really good stuff! The tomato sauce is sweet, spicy, and acidic with a deep tomato taste. The olive tapenade is salty, and a little bitter with a savory kick!

The pizza came out and it was time to dig in! The salty bite from the prosciutto along with the peppery kick of the arugula is great together! And look at that crust! Golden Brown Delicious!

Of course you cannot forget dessert!! I really did indulge myself because I saw the dessert menu and knew I had to save some room! Two people can share one pizza! So I did get one dessert and let my boyfriend pick off of it =]

YES I did just do that!! Strawberry Rhubarb Pie! With Vanilla Bean ice cream on the side! It was SO GOOD! Just looking at this picture makes me want to have it! It was sweet, very tart, and nutty with the pie crust! Crunchy texture from the top of the pie crust being baked with raw sugar on top! Gooey center of fresh strawberries and tender rhubarb was excellent!

Close up!!

So I do suggest everyone go try Urban Crust because my experience there was so much fun!! Also! Urban Crust is pretty cheap!! The pizza plus the dessert was around $20 something, I don’t remember the exact cost but pretty cheap dinner for great food! Up next is another Pizza! Catching on now that I love pizza?

This pizza is completely different than the one from Urban Crust, it has a different type of pizza crust that is almost like a bread dough. It is crispy yet has a lot of air pockets so that the crust is still very chewy and has a more bread flavor meaning a more yeast flavor!! And yes you can see I added bacon, sausage, mozzarella, garlic, and fresh basil on top! This place is Chef Tony’s Gourmet Pizza! Very good place! It is so unexpected too because I never realized there was a gourmet pizza place so close to my house! It is a very good place to go to bring a pizza home to enjoy with the family! This pizza is large enough to feed 4 so be prepared!

The whole family loved this pizza! I am not a big fan of sausage being on pizza just because I don’t like a lot of meat on mine but they do make their sausage which is AWESOME!! Everyone go try this place! It’s located in Allen if you do have time to try it!

Up Next! I’m going to update you guys on how it is going at Thai’s Thumbz!! Stay tuned for the next blog to catch a sneak peek!!

Hope all of you enjoyed this blog!! Now go out and get some PIZZA!! Remember! Eat Drink and Tell!!

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My Past Adventures

Hey Everyone! I know I haven’t blogged in a really long time and I do apologize for that! I wanted to blog so much but just did not have the time because of work and school!! As you all know I am still working at the Thai restaurant and everything is going great there! Business has definitely been picking up which is really awesome to meet new customers! So I will be showing you a couple of my adventures on my days off in one single blog! Be prepared to see a lot of pictures of foods that were completely delicious and fixed my cravings!

So you see the wine picture above? That’s actually two wines from a three wine flight that I decided to get and it is really nice getting flights at restaurants because they are worth your money. You can actually get around 3 more ounces of wine that way! No one says no to that right? Plus I shared some of the wine with my parents during this meal =]

It was really nice to get an entrée at a Italian place. I know everyone thinks that you get pasta dishes and stuff but the entrees are actually really nice. Everyone you should try getting entrees at Italian restaurants because you might actually find that there are really good items! The veal was moist and the dish was well executed.

Here is one of the fish dishes that we decided try the fish was very moist and not over cooked. Skin was a little too moist for me but it was fine to just take it off. Vegetables were nicely sautéed and seasoned well. I really love getting fish dishes because something light for a late dinner is really nice to have!!

This was my mother’s dish and she has pasta with mussels in a white wine broth which was absolutely delicious!! Mussels and pasta I mean there is nothing better than having those two together with white wine, garlic, fresh tomatoes, and parsley! Fresh, vibrant, and one of my favorite dishes!

Now my father got pizza but it’s not just any pizza….this pizza has PROSCIUTTO on it!! I love Prosciutto! Plus the arugula on top that is slightly wilted was really nice!

Now we did have dessert and coffee but we went in so fast to eat it that I wasn’t able to take a picture of it -_-‘ Sorry everyone haha but we did have a Vanilla Panna Cotta with a light strawberry sauce that was divine!

That sums up my Italian adventure with my parents! Now to move onto my awesome Korean adventure! Now I know all of you are wondering why I went out to eat Korean food when I can just make it at home but my friend lives an hour away from me and the one place we go to is our little meeting spot which is the halfway mark. This is the only time that both of us can meet and just relax. We love to eat lunch, walk around the Korea town shopping center, and get some bubble tea at the end for dessert!

Okay not the best picture but let me explain first! So the reason why the garnish is moved off is because usually the Korean waitress will as you if you would like to cut the noodles before you eat them. This is really typical at Korean restaurants because the noodles are chewy and kind of hard to cut with your teeth if the noodles are extremely long. I LOVE THIS DISH THOUGH!! I will say that this is one of the best dishes I’ve had in a really long time. I forgot to tell you guys what this even called! It’s called Bibim Nangmyun! They also have a different dish that has a cold broth with the noodles! This is a perfect dish for summer time and when you live in Texas…it is a really nice thing to have your meal cold to cool off your body! The flavors of this dish were more than what I expected. A lot of places usually just put vinegar, gochujang(red pepper paste), and sesame oil. However, this restaurant really pushed it another level and gave really awesome flavors! The cup you see on the side is a Korean broth that you drink, it is really traditional to give this to family members.

I did talk a lot about that dish and that means I really care about it! I’m so excited to go back and bring my mom so she can try it!!

Dessert time, this is the traditional milk tea with the tapioca pearls! I haven’t had this in a long time! Seriously missed having this because usually I don’t drink things that are rich but treating myself every now and then isn’t too bad =] That was my past adventures and I hope people will go out and try some Korean food because it is really good!!

I can’t wait to come back to blogging and share more with you guys!! Remember Eat Drink and Tell!! =]

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Alright, so I was naughty and I didn’t blog for a really long time since school and work were clashing into each other. It was extremely nice for one of my friends to get me cupcakes since I was making dinner. What a neat exchange and I must say these cupcakes were intense!! Great flavor plus I had a really good chocolate fix =] Now I am one of those weirdos that likes only the cupcake and I scrape most of the icing off…now realize I said most not all so don’t hate me. I’m just not a big icing fan even when I was young I thought it was so sweet.The top one you see here is strawberry…omg. Pink is not my favorite color but the strawberry was a very nice surprise.


Here is one all of you know just by the garnish…RED VELVET!!! Come on!! Who doesn’t like red velvet?! Can I use “lustful” as a word to describe this cupcake? Is that allowed? The red was a tempting red and it was divine. The cream cheese frosting was very good and I can say that this cupcake was my second favorite. My first was….


CHOCOLATE!!! Of course! On occasion I will meet the very few who do not like chocolate, and that’s ok but do not get mad when I eat all of the chocolate cupcake and I did not share with you! Chocolate cupcake, chocolate icing, and chocolate sprinkles. What more do you want? I seriously needed this chocolate fix after not having chocolate for about a month yes, I needed a good chocolate fix. You know how you are supposed to taste a bite of everything, well the chocolate was the cupcake that made me eat it all. GUILTY!


I ended my cupcake adventure with a Banana cupcake…odd. I have never really had a banana cupcake…had banana nut muffin, but if anyone has seen that show No Reservations then you would kind of get the idea that muffins are people who don’t have the guts to order cupcakes for breakfast. Excuse the expression. The banana cupcake was an amazing new experience and I love the vanilla wafer on top. Just a nice weird child memory vanilla wafers…anyways, all the cupcakes were amazing! Hope everyone enjoys the baker’s gifts to us these big cupcakes!! Thank You!! Eat, Drink, Tell people!


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Thai’s Thumbz

Hey everyone!! Sorry I haven’t blogged in so long!! Work and school has definitely been taking up my time!! However I am here to tell you more about the restaurant I have been working at!! I can’t get enough of this place and I can tell u that the food is amazing! Flavor is not absent here and it is BYOB!! No charge!

Forgive me if this blog is shorter since I’m doing this over my phone! All my pictures that I take are pretty much pictures of the food before they go out to customers!! Haha trying to take pictures of everything before I take it out was a little difficult!

For a refreshing appetizer, try our summer rolls with either a choice of shrimp or tofu!! Here we have our shrimp summer rolls that are served with a peanut sauce! Simply delicious! The rolls are light enough to prepare your palate for the explosion of flavors that are soon to come 🙂

If you want a lighter dinner that isn’t light on flavor, we have our crying tiger salad!! Now this is a HUGE favorite among everyone who works at the restaurant!! Us employees even order it…and I’m guilty to say almost every day one of us will order this dish and we all share each others dish! We use New York Strip steak, and it’s grilled then tossed in a Thai chili vinaigrette!! All that goodness is then put on top of a bed of greens and it’s ready to eat! You can order sticky rice on the side to eat with this fabulous meal!

We can’t forget about dessert!! This is a huge seller! It’s our crispy fried banana with Old Town Creamery’s Coconut ice cream!! The ice cream has real coconut shavings in it!! Another big favorite with the employees!! 🙂

I hope all of you get to try our restaurant!! We will be adding a new dessert to the menu soon from me so stay tuned!! Also, check us out on yelp!! Check into yelp at the restaurant and get a free Thai Tea!